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Engaging Incentives and Events

Enhance your company’s ESG reputation, engage employees, & build stronger, more loyal teams Sustainable incentives, meetings and events (MICE) that combine your chosen activities with meaningful community development projects that improve your business in so many ways.

Engaged Employees

Employee engagement goes through the roof when they know you share the same values, and by making a difference helping a community, they can see first-hand this alignment; improved loyalty, motivation and productivity will flow.
When your staff are more engaged, studies show that they are healthier, happier, more satisfied, job safety improves, and employees have better home lives – imagine achieving this on an incentive trip!

ESG reputation

Your whole trip is designed to be sustainable. This includes full carbon offsetting, and using eco-luxury accommodation, electric vehicles, organic and locally sourcing produce, and expert local guides wherever possible.
These aren’t junkets – you also get to adhere to your social commitments by helping fund and meet the needs of a local community in a hands-on way. This could be by constructing a library for a school, renovating a cultural center, building bikes for kids who can’t afford them, and much more.

Stronger Teams

Sick of those team building activities that have no lasting impact, either within your company or in the wider world? You will be delighted by the improved cohesion generated by your staff working together to build a home for a family in need.
The collaboration, communication and creativity will continue back at work. What’s more, not only will your staff turnover plummet and retention improve so that your operating costs are much lower, and profitability higher, there will be a lasting legacy to your effective teamwork.

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